Be part of content users trust

Be in the news

Action Button displays your campaign, logo, and mission statement directly in timely, relevant news articles of major media outlets.

Target new and untapped audiences

Discover new audiences

Our algorithm matches campaigns to new audiences in the moments when they are primed to take action, increasing the size of your campaign's addressable market.

Capture supporters in the moments when they are most inspired

Maximize Conversion

Readers can support your campaign actions in the moments when they are inspired by an issue. This context, in addition to our data-driven approach to product development, makes a meaningful impact on conversion rates. Action Button sees 71% of users complete an action once initiated.

How it works

Action Button was designed in service of great non-profits. We spend our time building relationships with publishers and digital media channels, so when an article on your issue starts trending, we make sure your organization is featured, displaying a tangible way for readers to make a difference. Action Button supports a number of different types of actions:

Raise funds from new donors

2-Step donation technology makes giving easy

Contact elected officials in support of your causes

Flexible contact options let supporters tweet, email, or call their representatives

Spread the word

Bolster your social campaigns with Twitter and Facebook sharing options

Collect petition signatures and emails

Supporters opt-in to receiving follow-up messages from your cause

Get in touch with Kira, our Impact Manager, to get started.

Become an impact partner with us

Becoming an impact partner with Action Button is simple. We take no commission from donations made to your organization and our payment processing is PCI compliant. However, we do vet all applying organizations to ensure they are compliant with the highest standards set by Charity Navigator, Guidestar, BBB Wise Giving and other monitoring agencies.