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Often when we read the news we feel compelled to do something but we don't know how. Action Button is an interactive technology featured on news content to make it faster and easier for you to impact the stories you care about — whether by donating to a nonprofit, signing a petition, or emailing a local policymaker.

Don't just read the headlines, change them.

Publisher Partners

“VICE Impact will create advocacy initiatives that leverage the content creation and distribution capabilities of VICE, across our entire network – from digital, to social to linear – around the world. Action Button will empower our audience to engage with our content in a more meaningful way, taking action on the issues that matter most to them.”

-Katherine Keating (Editor In Chief, VICE Impact)

“HuffPost’s DNA has always been to drive quality journalism with positive social impact and change.  The Action Button enhances our mission and helps empower our global audience to get involved in a meaningful way with issues they care about.” 

-Katie Nelson (News Director, The Huffington Post)

“At Guardian US we believe our journalism is stronger when our readers are at the heart of the story, engaging with conversations and debates in meaningful ways. We’re really interested to work with Speakable ​to use the Action Button within upcoming articles and series in order to provide our community with a way to take action on the issues that matter to them.”

-Lee Glendinning (Editor, Guardian US)

Impact Partners

“As one of the world’s largest human rights organizations, we know first-hand that those who care about important global issues also have a tremendous ability to have an impact. Action Button allows us to reach different audiences around the world who are interested and passionate about the issues we work on.”

-Agnes Hall (Amnesty International’s Global Digital Campaigns Manager)

“As a campaigning and advocacy organization, we are constantly seeking new audiences to join the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. Action Button is a technology tool that makes it easier and faster for people around the world to take action on our campaigns and drive change for the most vulnerable.”

-David Cole (International Digital Director, One campaign)

“In today’s digital world, while the mode of delivery for much of our news has changed, the drastic need for social change and activism has not. It’s important for people to not only consume content about the world around them, but to act to change those realities which clash with their values. Action Button is a technology enabling exactly that.”

-Lori Adelman (Associate Director, Global Communications)

About Us

Speakable is a technology company on a mission to make civic engagement more accessible and effective. We envision a world where everyone is empowered to act when content inspires us most and we're using technology in new ways to create that future.

Speakable vets and hand-selects each of our impact partners, featuring only the most credible organizations that meet our criteria for innovation, integrity, and impact. Our team works closely with impact partners to track and report on the performance of actions, so we can keep users informed on the progress of the campaigns they support.

If you’re a publisher or impact organization looking to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a note to [email protected].

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