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Facebook Has 'Determining' Role in Rohingya Violence: U.N.

By Eli Meixler

A U.N. fact-finding mission has highlighted the role of social media networks, and Facebook in particular, in fueling hate speech against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, telling the U.N. Human Rights Council this week that €œincitement to violence€ is €œrampant€ and €œunchecked.€

Reuters reports that in an interim submission to the...

Michelle Obama Talks To R29 About The Power Of Girls' Education

By Ray Lowe

MO: €œMy best advice to girls, including my own daughters, is do not be afraid to fail. So often, our own fear of failure is the thing that keeps us back. We think we have to be perfect, that if we make even the tiniest mistake, it€™s a catastrophe. That€™s...

Why International Women's Day Is March 8: A Radical Reason

By Suyin Haynes

As people around the world celebrate International Women€™s Day on Thursday €” an annual March 8 observance €” countries from Kyrgyzstan to Cambodia will officially honor women€™s rights and achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres. The day has been designated as an official United Nations observance since...

Ben Carson's housing agency drops pledge to end housing discrimination

By Erin Mccormick

Department removes from its mission statement promises to build €˜inclusive€™ communities €˜free from discrimination€™

The US housing department, helmed by the former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, has proposed a new mission statement in which the pledge to build €œinclusive€ communities €œfree from discrimination€ is removed.

The proposal comes just two weeks after the...

A Powerfully Articulate OpEd on Gun Control From a Parkland High School Student

By The Darling Team

The act of violence leaves us stunned; we hear of another mass shooting, the lives lost, the anger and brokenness behind an action so senseless and immediately the questions start filling in the gaps.

Although Darling is a platform primarily for conversations around and for women, sometimes conversations and events arise...

Senate Bill Does Not Address Gun Control

By Ray Lowe

Complicating things further, President Donald Trump has not been exactly clear about what he wants from Congress , which is especially confusing for members of his own party. Last week, he evinced emphatic support for comprehensive gun control measures €” even at the expensive of due process €” in a...

Michael Bloomberg: Donald Trump Should Accept Climate Deal

By Edith M. Lederer

(UNITED NATIONS) €” The U.N.€™s new envoy for climate action, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said Monday that President Donald Trump can become €œa great leader€ if he changes his mind about global warming and keeps the United States in the Paris climate agreement.

The billionaire media mogul expressed hope...

Turkish Police Use Teargas Against Women's March in Ankara

By Joseph Hincks

Women€™s rights marchers in Ankara met with tear gas and arrests Sunday as they gathered for a protest ahead of International Women€™s Day later this week.

After the marchers ignored calls to disperse, Turkish riot police fired tear gas and detained about 15 women, Agence France-Presse reports, citing Turkey€™s private Dogan...

Oscars Times Up Video Presented By Weinstein Victims

By Rebecca Farley

Hayek wrote an essay in The New York Times titled €œHarvey Weinstein Is My Monster, Too.€ Sciorra told Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker that Weinstein raped her in the early €˜90s. Judd was the very first actress to come forward in the bombshell New York Times piece that revealed...

This New Grocery Store Has An Aisle That's Entirely Plastic-Free

By Landon Peoples

For a while, we've been sensing that grocery shopping as we know it is changing . However, we didn't necessarily think that it was shifting in the direction of zero-waste and plastic-free stores. As excited as we are at the idea of this transition, it's clear that it's happening faster...

Down and out in Disneyland: study finds most LA workers can't cover basic needs

By Paulina Velasco

New survey finds three-quarters of employees don€™t earn enough for basic expenses, while one in 10 have experienced homelessness

Down and out in Disneyland: study finds most LA workers can't cover basic needs

Billie Taylor is in her fifth year working at Disneyland in California as a front-of-house employee at a restaurant...

Forget AzMERIT; Arizona students get other testing options

By Ricardo Cano

CLOSE Get the basics on Arizona's measurements of success. Wochit

SAT test preparation. (Photo: Nick Oza/The Republic)

Arizona high school students could skip the AzMERIT test and instead take college-entrance exams, but the schools will have to pay for it.

The Arizona State Board of Education on Monday approved a years-in-the-making "menu of...